24 Mai 2020

For about 7 years I have been moving in the city mainly with my bike from A to B. Forced by the Covid19 crisis, I decided this year to go one step further and also decided to cancel my annual public transport pass in order to be able to cycle on almost all routes, with very few exceptions. So it was clear that my Vintage Puch Clubman had to give way to a newer and lighter bike. I decided to buy a TOKYOBIKE (Bisou model). Admittedly, the look was the point that first attracted my attention. But also the fact that this bike is a very light and thanks to the smaller tyres extremely agile bike, designed for the city, which with 7 gears also masters any urban gradient, made the purchase basically fixed. Talking about buying: I bought it in Vienna 1020 at DAS TASCHENFAHRRAD, in Leopoldsgasse 28.


21 April 2020

Recently I came across the label BRUNA, which offers beautiful jewelry made of 925 silver or 925 silver with 18k gold plating. I was especially happy when I noticed that this is an Austrian label, which has the jewelry made by small family goldsmiths in northern Italy. 
The necklace "Malibu" and the matching bracelet (gold-plated and in silver) "Beverly Hills" have now found their way into my jewelry box and are eagerly waiting to be taken out - the Covid-19 quarantine will be over in the foreseeable future, and that's when I'll be beaming just as much as my new jewelry.


29 Februar 2020

Out of the shower and into the freshly made bed - that is definitely one of my favourite things in the world. In general, my bed and I have a very special relationship. If it was up to me, I wouldn't even need a couch, because I like to binge, read and relax in bed. And because I spend so much time there, it was also time for me to say goodbye to the bed linen of a Swedish furniture store and invest in high-quality, fantastically soft bed linen made of organic cotton (produced in Portugal). The benchmark was bed linen as you normally only experience it in hotels (and everyone who reads my Travel Tips knows how important this is to me). My research has brought me to the ROYFORT label.


04 November 2019

I am generally someone who likes to retreat regularly to recharge the internal battery. If I don't do this, I am not relaxed and plagued by inner restlessness. My favourite place of retreat is my home. When the temperatures fall outside and it gets dark even earlier, I leave my apartment much less often and celebrate my me-time. Home scents play an important role because they make the apartment even more cosy and cozy. 


Ich bin generell jemand, der sich regelmäßig gerne zurückzieht um die innere Batterie aufzuladen. Mache ich das nicht, werde ich unentspannt und von innerlicher Unruhe geplagt. Mein Lieblingsrückzugsort sind meine eigenen vier Wände. Wenn draußen die Temperaturen fallen und es dann auch noch früher dunkel wird, verlasse ich mein Zuhause gleich noch viel seltener und zelibriere meine Me-Time. Home-Scents spielen dabei eine große Rolle, weil sie die Wohnung gleich um noch ein Stück heimeliger und kuscheliger machen.


29 Oktober 2019

It's been three years since I got my first Samsung Note. Have I ever wistfully looked back at the iPhone since then? No! Am I still as enthusiastic about the features and quality as I was the first day? Yes! 
You'd think that you'd take things for granted over time and that you'd only be happy about new features to a limited extent. But I'm still regularly dropping my jaw when the range of functions is extended - that's what last happened when I got the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE10+, which I've been putting to the test for about 2 months now. Small spoiler at the beginning: Samsung manages to exceed my expectations every time. But one after the other. What's so great about it?


Drei Jahre ist es her, dass ich mein erstes Samsung Note bekommen habe. Ob ich seither jemals wehmütig zum iPhone (zurück)geschielt habe? Nein! Ob  ich immer noch von der Funktionen und die Qualität begeistert bin, wie am ersten Tag? Ja! 

Man sollte meinen, dass man mit der Zeit die Dinge als gegeben hinnimmt und sich über Neuerungen nur mehr begrenzt freut. Mir kippt aber immer noch regelmäßig die Kinnlade runter, wenn die Bandbreite an Funktionen erweitert wird - so geschehen zuletzt als ich das SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE10+  bekommen habe, das ich jetzt rund seit 2 Monaten auf Herz und Nieren teste. Kleiner Spoiler am Anfang: Samsung schafft es meine Erwartungen jedes Mal zu übertreffen. Aber mal der Reihe nach. Was ist denn so toll dran?


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