19 Oktober 2023

Who would have thought, that ironing can be fun? Definitely not me. Until the moment the new BRAUN TexStyle 9 moved in with me.

It not only impresses with full power, but also with the world's first FreeGlide 3D technology. This reduces ironing time by half because the rounded and upward-curved soleplate glides over every textile and past every obstacle - and even backwards. Since 50% of the movements during ironing are backwards, this effective and efficient technology reduces ironing time many times over.
Two times more steam and 60% more power: The power of up to 3,200 watts immediately gives a whole new meaning to the word power - combined with a powerful steam burst of up to 260 g / min, garments can be smoothed or steamed vertically with little effort. It also offers three different steam intensities for effortless and flawless results and just the right amount of steam for perfectly ironed clothes.
A pleasant side effect of using Braun's steam iron range, is the antibacterial effect, as it eliminates more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from clothes and home textiles.
The ease of ironing with the TexStyle 9 is further enhanced by the new descaling technology. Thanks to the lime collector, the new ActiClean system allows intuitive cleaning with just one click.
The result? Descaling not only becomes less tedious, but at the same time is more effective and thus ensures a longer life of the steam iron.

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