19 Mai 2021

Looking for cleaning products that meet the parameters environmentally friendly but still effective & efficient, while also meeting the aesthetic requirements? Not that easy. I found what I was looking for at DE BIJENKORF. The luxury department store from the Netherlands now finally delivers with its online store to Austria, which means: many, many, many beautiful products from different brands delivered to my home from just one online store. 
So, this is the story of how I came across Kinfill and the products of Andrée Jardin.


09 Mai 2021

So there it was again, my familiar and not particularly loved pollen allergy that makes my nose run and my eyes water. And as if that wasn't enough, it also sucks at my energy level. 

But there's finally a remedy. That's because the clever minds behind DYSON have developed the DYSON PURE COOL, which filters even the tiniest impurities out of the air in real time and releases them back into the environment in the form of clean, particle-free air. Pollen and allergens (PM10) are successfully combated. But also bacteria (PM5.0), industrial emissions (PM2.5), ultra-fine particles (PM0.1), odors, benzene and volatile organic compounds such as those found in scented candles, and nitrogen dioxides. What remains is clean air that lets me breathe freely again. 
This is made possible by three sensors that also track humidity and room temperature. 


15 April 2021

It often is such a thing with incense burners. Either they are pretty, but impractical or practical and not very pretty. With "Disc" by KIN OBJECTS both positive aspects are combined in one product. I like the reduced, minimalist design of the holder made of concrete, which has that special something by the brass insert in the middle. The burned incense sticks fall on the surface of the holder, no longer next to it, which relaxes me additionally, because I do not immediately feel tempted to get the vacuum cleaner. 


08 April 2021

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and the talk of the town right now. A whopping 30% of our proteins are collagen. But what exactly does it do? It is a structural protein (a fiber bundle forming protein) that gives many parts of the body their strength. It is found mainly in connective tissue, but also in tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage and layers of skin.


28 Februar 2021

I want the real deal - that was the motto when I decided to buy a record player. I knew that I would have to upgrade my sound system to enjoy vinyl to the fullest. So where to start looking? After I am beyond happy with my portable Sonos Move for months, and I know that SONOS offers exactly what I expect design-wise, the way was predetermined and - whoosh - a record player from Pro-Ject (which is also available in the Sonos online store), the Sonos Five and the Sonos Sub found themselves in my shopping cart and moved in a few days later. 


26 Januar 2021

I'm over it. I am with one piece of furniture or another. My furniture is to a large extent very timeless, yet I long for something new. On closer inspection, however, I have found that it does not have to be a completely new piece of furniture. All it takes is a new accent in the form of new handles. My search has brought me to BESLAG DESIGN. A Swedish manufacturer of knobs, hooks, door handles, bathroom accessories & co like from the design picture book. So everything can be upgraded in no time (and even inexpensively). Especially the handles from the series "Graf" have done it to me. They come in three colors and different finishes. For me, the model "Cabinet Knob Graf Big" has made the race. Not only do I love the design (and the outcome in the end) but also how easy it was to mount it - all you need (basically one screw) comes with the knob. Find the whole selection HERE.

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