20 September 2011

Polster 'Pacific Coast' von lucky14handmade. Erhältlich in grau, schwarz oder creme.
Inspiriert von der Oberflächenstruktur von Kiesstränden. Handgestrickt aus 100% Alpakawolle. Gefüllt mit Gänsefedern und Daunen. Größe: 46 cm x 46 cm

Cushion 'Pacific Coast' by lucky14handmade. Available in grey, black or cream. 
Inspired by the texture of the pebbly beaches, the 'Pacific Coast' pillow is hand-knit from 100% alpaca. It's incredibly soft and cozy and filled with a goose feather and down insert. Size: 46 cm x 46 cm

2 Kommentare:

  1. thank you for posting about my pillows on your beautiful blog.
    (german is my first language but unfortunately i'm losing it more and more each year. i can still understand what you wrote but i wouldn't be able to say it myself!)

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it!



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